The Lost

A Classic Traveller Campaign in Uncharted Space
The year is 1218 just over 100 years ago the last recorded X-Boat was seen in the Dorubuni Sector, The Third Imperium collapsed and no further contact was heard.
“This year the Dorubuni Sector remembers those difficult and dark years without Imperial contact, we have had hardships and triumphs but we have survived all these years. This anniversary of a Century of independence will be marked and celebrated across the sector, some will reflect, others rejoice no matter what side of the fence you sit it is time to acknowledge our survival and set anew our direction for the future!” (excerpt from sector wide broadcast commemorating this milestone)

“And here is a quick word and a reflection of the citizens of the sector”
“Grence Grison, loader, Oynyena Starport – I just hope these new freighters come on line soon, we are tired of these 100yr relics falling apart in dock”
“Susa Wardams, Administrator Uzera III – I Think we should, reach out and try to re-establish contact with the Empire and show them we survived, and what we have achieved”
“Randy Jenker, Entrepreneur Draugluin Starport – Well im happy with things as they are, we currently enjoy the opportunity to bring markets to those that require them without all the Imperial redtape!”
“Lt Wayny Rosson, Naval Academy Ceano IV – We can look forward to the next 100 years! With the new Warships under construction we will be in a better position to keep the peace in this sector, as well as pursue any wrong doers”

The Lost

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