The Lost

The Games Afoot
Bandits, Ballistics, and Balls!!!

You awake to a dusty, dry morning already the town folk are mustering and starting their daily tasks, livestock is being driven into town, produce is being set up on displays, and exotic items are on display. The sound of a hundred tongues is almost musical, if it wasn’t interrupted by the screams and shouts of angry patrons and adamant proprietors. The yard is abuzz with activity as the two Mil-spec units have been readied and prepared for the journey, the familiar aroma of fresh coffee wafts through the enclosure, its pungent odour starting to clear the haze from last nights drinks! “Boy what did i drink last night”.

Audl Lota
Cowboys, Injuns, & las-guns

You are approaching Audl Lota, a couple of days out your team is preparing but for what?
Cpt Yardley has never visited this world, neither has Callaghan – this is a brave new world for all of you!!! What do you expect? What are the “Natives” like? How will you find Ricard?

5 weeks later
the search begins

The Characters decided to “obtain” Bounty Hunting licences, however in the process they find employment with CorSerc and are assigned to a converted Scout/Courier to hunt down several of the more high risk Escapees! they were dispatched to the Ironknight system to meet up with their ship. after 5 weeks travel they were happy to be off of the subsidised transport and eating real food again, First Officer Griggs shared his thoughts with the Captain as they shared a light lunch and drinks at the Ironknight Starport Facility. It is now 17:00 hours pre-flight checks done! Jump Nav set, seat belts fastened! luggage stowed! and they are ready to depart for Audl Lota a wild lawless frontier planet, to investigate the first leads into the escapees…

Breaking news for today
You receive this bulletin as you are leaving orbit on the local channel
 Today the sector Government on Dorubuni announced it has awarded the contract to construct a new fleet of Interstellar Vessels, the contract awarded to Ratatalue Interstellar Dynamics will see an new phase and approach to sector security with the “Hand of Destiny “ project receiving the green light
 Ratatalue Interstellar Dynamics released a statement today saying they were excited to have been given the contract and pleased to be the providers of a new age of defence and security to the sector
 In continuing they also announced that the shakedown and modelling of the 2 prototype’s, the Scout leader (SL) and the dockable Strike Scout (SS) went extremely well and all parties were very happy with the outcome “we are over joyed and very very pleased that this tender has gone into production and will mean that our space docks will be a buzz of energy for years to come”
 Sector government were sketchy when asked for and details and refused comment on any technical details – other than to clarify that the SL was large ship capable of accepting several smaller scouts in its docking bays, their final comment was “now the sector can spread its arms wide and its hands can now reach every system”
 On another note the official “No Comment” is still being received from Tevifa Strategic Defense Systems, with their undisclosed interruption of their tender process, it would seem for the time being that their project is still at a standstill and the sector will not be seeing any vessels from their yards in the foreseeable future.
 When we asked Dorubuni Sector Government about this issue, they said “We have been made aware of certain situations that have arisen with Tevifa Strategic Defense Systems, the situation is under investigation and we assure you that Tevifa Strategic Defense Systems are in no way responsible and are not in breach of any contracts we are in constant communication and are assisting them during this time”
 The Ratatalue system is the Subsector (H) capital of the same name, is a matriarchal society and their current leader Administrator Juda Wardson governs a peaceful system the homeworld is a lush garden paradise with it billions of citizens enjoying an idyllic lifestyle, as one of the most advanced systems in the entire sector they are renowned for their manufacturing technologies and the grace and beauty that accompanies it. They have a tradition of naming all vessels after previous much loved leaders and heroines – they are happy that Sector Government have allowed them to follow this tradition in space and the hunt is on for pioneering names for this new fleet

new beginings

Well today finds you sitting at the bar in the “Lucky 7’s Tavern”, which is situated in the Dorubuni Starport facility. You’re watching the news feed on the monitors, maybe playing a few games of Holo-pool or perhaps a “friendly” game or two of cards in one of the quiet dark booths towards the back. Your R&R is interrupted by an “Emergency Broadcast” on all the Vid-screens in the tavern, the presenter reads the following.

 Routine communications have just informed us that 5 weeks ago there was, at the Corserc Alpha-A penal complex on Azizos a catastrophic equipment failure, reports also indicate that it was shortly followed by mass rioting, and further to that several security vessels where hi-jacked resulting in a mass breakout.

 We have been assured that numerous Sector and Subsector security forces have been dispatched to the area and a thorough search of the surrounding systems is being conducted, as we report this news.

 We can also report that several Government & Private bodies on Ironknight have tendered their intent to assume control of the situation and of the Azizos Penal Complex. A spokesman for the Ironknight Government has pledged full assistance, and that they will be assuming full control and responsibility for securing the system. Furthermore he also added that “Azizos will no longer be the sectors dumping ground, and Dorubuni will have to find a new world to send its law breakers too!”

 Corserc, who “were” responsible for the complex have rebuked that statement, saying “that it breached contract” and “there is several decades left to run on our agreement, and any challenge to that would be met with full legal defence”

 Corserc further went on to issue a statement claiming the breakout to be “under containment” and that the list of escapees was small, and the majority of those at large to be a minimum risk to citizens! However there were several violent and hard-core criminals at large, and their details have been passed to all relevant authorities

So after the last few days/weeks you both have developed a friendship, what do you do now? There seems to be several options and the possibility of job vacancies. Either way your cash is dwindling and you need an employer or some means of income!
Other news broadcast today

 Leading fashion designer Audra He’Lens has just launched her new label “Frostbyte” Ms He’Lens suffered horrendous injuries last year in a snow rafting accident on Frost Helm. After being tossed from her raft during a descent, she free fell down a slope and in the process lost both her arms and legs.

 Audra He’Lens has been keen to get back to work, and with her army of assistants she has managed what most thought impossible! She will be hosting a charity function this month to co-inside with her launch.

 She also revealed in a statement today she will be the main subject of cybernetic testing program, when we spoke to Ms He’Lens about it she told us “It will be great, even if I can just do something simple like apply my own make-up” she further commented “I would also like to thank all the staff at the Barivituba Medical Centre, and the Clifton Research Facility for their ongoing care and treatment”


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