The Lost

The beginning of the End of the Road

when you run out of road....

You are approaching Serevoic, your sensors on passive when you notice that most of the larger freighters are carrying water you doubled check the results and yes water! Flipping over the system data it becomes clear Serevoic is a desert world – and you thought Audl Lota was dry…
Serevoic is an A Class planet, of average size and atmosphere she enjoys a slightly higher than average population, a lenient law level and a feudal technocracy ruled by the rich services and trade – a perfect world some would say apart from the total lack of water! It’s lucky that she is very rich in ore and materials otherwise no-one could afford a drink.
After viewing system details you flick through the other 2 choices Snow suggested, the next system inline is Reeto, a small world with a thin atmosphere 50% water a tiny population and no established law and government and a non stellar tech level.
Second on the list is Kavliny, this E Class system boasts a massive planet with a dense but healthy atmosphere it’s surface is almost covered in water with a small population in the tens of thousands and a medieval democracy – a very rustic and rural planet.
Snow also adds “You forgot Zonq” so you flick that file over Zonq is a very basic system rated only just at a D a large world with a tainted atmosphere at 90% water landmass is at a premium bandits tens of millions of citizen’s cram into large heavily populated cities reminiscent of 1800’s earth and a bureaucratic government rules through an average law level.


“hmm which one would he pick i wonder” roger muses over the potential hiding places “i hope it isnt this dustball, i hate dry climates. Reeto would probably be a perfect hiding place, lots of places to hide both on and off world, same with Kavliny. Zonq seems too crowded for ripleys liking he will want to go somewhere with less people that can stumble upon him i think. what do the rest of you think?”


News of the day.
Medical ship missing – the medical ship McCoy on route to Dorubuni from Ironknight, officials have dispatched several ships to search along the registered path.

Suspect cleared – after weeks of investigations the suspect in the poisoning murder of an Ironknight starport official has been cleared of any involvement in the crime Mr Blaine Griggs we are told, was also poisoned and nearly died himself. Unfortunately after recovering Mr Griggs who was assisting the Dorubuni agents in further investigations was a listed passenger aboard the McCoy.

Claims of Organised Crime on Ironknight – today lawyers representing several shelf companies and off set business allegedly linked to a well known criminal family filed suit against several local and stellar news agencies in regards to claims that “The Family” was behind the recent poisoning murder, as well as claims of bank rolling the recent penal breakout.

Family Rebukes Allegations – a spokesman claiming to speak for the family said today “if you can find solid evidence then bring it before the authorities, if all you have is theories keep your mouth shut – lest we see you in court or elsewhere…”

It is clear to this reporter that there is some situation brewing on Ironknight, with the McCoy disappearing, rumours of corruption, and allegations of criminal activity Ironknight just became a hotbed for all the wrong reasons…


Snow answers “If I had to pick it would be Kavliny! It’s a large world low pop low tech a nice little empire to rule with a simple las-pistol, Reeto might be to advanced just because they haunt reached the stars doesn’t mean they haven’t raised considerable armies and global communications – however we can’t rule it out”


OOC I have sent you the subsection data, as well as the rules please remember to check against these as well as my in-game descriptions. Cool enjoying the whole circling the prey thing!


“Snow just because he cant land on Reeto doesnt mean he cant build a base with Reeto as the nearest planetary body, after all thats what blackheart did before he turned his asteroid base into a flying fortress. regardless we will see when he starts to head out system again.” Roger stops and sighs when he sees the news. “hey Snow have you seen this news, sounds like the family has started cleaning house. doesn’t sound like Gramps work though he is much too crafty and careful to engineer this mess. this has mother’s signature all over it and it looks like Gramps has to clean up after it. by the lady its going to be a mess when i get back though.” roger sighs and returns back to his post


You are approaching Serevoic and when you enter visual range a quiet descends across the bridge, you are looking straight at the planet and you can’t see it! You check sensors, you check the charts and everything checks correct. You are all at a loss not one of you has been this far rimward before its like wtf! The Gavel maintains course, and so does the numerous other vessels on similar courses as you get closer the planet starts coming into view, being a desert planet Serevoic has no water not even polar caps and unlike other desert worlds that are mostly ferrous or silica based Serevoic is obsidian based so she is totally black and from this distance the lights of its settlements resemble stars against a black backdrop. You are all amazed at such an earily beautiful sight Yardley comments as the terminator from day to night crosses your view “Anyone for pictures – it’s not often you see a sight like that”.


“sand must a terrible pain.” says roger snaping a picture “hopefully we wont have to find out. though beautiful i betting that its unpleasant to say the least down their. anyway what is our little target doing, making planetfall or continuing?”


Snow scans the frequency and reports “It would appear that The Meerkat is starting its descent, if my calculations are correct shes going to have to put down for fuel at least” Yardley nods and replies “well we need to do the same – i would suggest we choose a different port than the one our target lands at, im guessing Snow that beacon has sufficient range to cover the distance between starports?” Snow nods and answers “as long as they have standard imperial satellites we should be able to lock onto her from anywhere in the same hemisphere” Yardley asks you all “So what do you think?”


“if we have to we have to. waters going to be a problem down there but nothing we cant handle. dont expect me to go outside much though, the heat i can handle but the sand and dryness will most likely be more of a problem. we should try to put down somewhere that the sand isnt so much of an nussance, i bet obsidian sand is a bitch to get out of things. anyway we should refuel and leave as soon as possible i would rather not do a launch like last time.” roger sighs and looks back at the planet on screen " too bad we have to land here at all i hate being this far rimward its out of my comfort zone."


As you get closer the light coming from Serevoic becomes more clearly defined, and you can trace the spider like weave of lights that connect the different locations and main arteries. Following the course of the Meerkat you track it descend and land at a northerly city, after making contact with the appropriate comms you secure landing clearance for a settlement a few hundred clicks SE of the Meerkat’s. Now do you just sit and wait or do you climb aboard your transport and tail your mark?


“hey Jefferson time for you to wow us with your driving, when we land i want to tail him so we can find out if his business is here or elsewhere. we shouldn’t have any issues driving the gcarrier around should we?” roger smiles and moves to get his rifle and his goggles. upon his return he asks "what is the weather like down there


The Black Planet of Serevoic


The weather outside is hot but still, you check the local channels and the radar and it is expected to be fine and 65 for several days though towards the end of the week there is a high possibility of a sand storm (there is currently one raging in the southern hemisphere that is expected to cross the equator sometime tomorrow). Jefferson smiles as you direct him to get the GCarrier ready for operation and as a native of Audl Lota he has already started equipping it for dry desert conditions. Snow says to you as preparations are being made “Rog did you want me to stay on ship and keep open comms? I would hate to spoil the party by him seeing me here?”.


You are currently landed and docked at the small but busy station of Voic-ta, it is the small way point between Voic-Ne the major capital, and the thriving mining station of Voic-Va which is your destination. Voic-ta is a relatively sized trading post and material handling installation, it boasts several large warehouse district’s as well as several stickers that gather the raw materials that make this planet so rich and prosperous. The landscape is dotted by many large fero-Crete discs that have multiple pipes, you guess these lids sit atop the planets water storage. When the tourist bureau said it was hot it really meant it, and you are glad that the GCARRIER is air conditioned lest your journey would be unbearable.


“it would be best wouldnt want to ruin the hunt. much as i hate to be parted its for the best. still last time i let you out of my sight you vanished on me, promise it wont happen again. it would ease my mind considerably. anyway time will come soon enough when we will have our hands on that bastard ripley. then we will see whether he wants to party with us or my blades. much as i hate the dry it would be better if the chase ended here.” roger sighs and gets ready to go, closing up his coat as much as possible to keep moisture in and sand out. he gets a scarf for above and below his goggles to keep the sand out of his face and puts it into the gcarrier. with it goes the carry case for the auto rifle and a small box of ammo as well as some extra power cells for the gauss pistol. various supply’s and rations also make their way into the gcarrier. “well jefferson. nearly ready to go?”


Snow replies “yes that’s why I asked, just keep your comms and visuals open doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes” Jefferson comms in from the bay “She’s ready to fly lets get going as soon as your ready”. As usual Callaghan is staying behind with his smg to guard the ship and be ready if things go south he is glad to have Snow as company and assistance in engineering.
With that the rest of you bundle into the GCARRIER lock the door and boot the aircon onto high, the bay doors slide back and immediately you can feel the heat through the windscreen, Jefferson turns the filter on the screen darkening the amount of light streaming through. You glide forward and you can see the bay doors close behind you on the rear cam, this is an eairy world indeed everything is black or shades of… even the sky is dark through reflection and the few native souls you see walking about are shrouded in head to toe coverings. As you glide through the town you now appreciate the hardships these people endure to reap the bounty the valuable minerals bring, the roads aren’t laid as such more like they are ground into the surface of the volcanic glass and most buildings appear to be mined out of the rock with very little of them protruding the surface only utilities such as generators, recycs, and entrances are visible from uptop. As you leave the settlement you begin to see the countryside, it’s glassy hills and sharp jagged formations formed after thousands of years of continual fierce storms and cyclones, you would hate to see the aftermath of anything that got stranded on the road in the middle of one of those.


“by the lady its worse here than i thought. lets be well off world well before that sandstorm arives eh?” roger looks down at the screen of the readout “now where is this signal, is it moving?”


Snow replies “Rog the signal is steady and stationary clean and strong – however ive been picking up some interference, it seems that storm that’s rolling in is going to scramble several of our systems. Shame that wasn’t in the tourist brochure, lets get this done and quick”
The journey although only 200 clicks away takes over 3 hours to complete, you glide into Voic-Va the city is much the same as all the other settlements you have seen and within a few minutes you are approaching the large starport. The architecture of the port is amazing as it is one of the few facilities on this planet that has made use of the natural resources abundant here, it has been laz-cut into the side of an obsidian hill with several docking levels carved from the natural glassy rock. It boasts numerous pads, and several of the administration buildings also have been carved into the opposite side of the hill. You suspect that just like before there are several underground conduits that connect all of the facilities together.


“finding the ship is step one. then we find the cousin” Roger pops the hatch and begins looking around for the ship or the cousin. “by the way snow does this cousin have a name at all?” roger looks at the landing pads thoughtfully “by the lady that would have been a pain to make.”


Snow has imputed the frequency of the ship into the comms unit aboard the GCarrier, it takes but a few minutes to locate its berth, and after a visual conformation you can correctly identify her. From your viewing position you can see she is being refuelled, and taking on supplies as yet you have not seen crew or cousin, and you cannot at this stage ascertain their business here.


“well then two options people. first one, we wait until he there is some activity. second one we find out why they are here, im thinking that the port management would know. after all we had to post a reason for visit didnt we. the way i see it is if they are here for a refuel they will say so because why lie, if they are here to see ripley that will take longer than a refuel so they will put something else on their reason for visit. like giving the crew a short holiday or sightseeing. so how should we do it, person or machine.” roger raises an eyebrow to the others in the gcarrier


Jefferson shrugs, Yardley thinks and says “we have cargo space and thats a port why not go in and look for some speculative trade, the nephew doesn’t know what we look like does he?”. Jefferson nods and agrees and adds “heck if we pool our funds we could even make some cred on the side”.


“i think he has seen me once, but that was from a distance and i dont exactly stand out. also dont know anything about trade and i’m not in the mood to learn, so you do the buying, i’ll make like hired muscle while you do though. this could work lets do it.”


Jefferson agrees as does Yardley, you pool your funds and dip into the CorSerc slush fund. Jefferson leads you into the port, and after a short time you find a trader. 2 rolls please.


Roll: 2d6
7 = 2[d6]5[d6]
Roll: 2d6
9 = 5[d6]
the whole time inside the starport roger plays his part, while on constant lookout for threats or the cousin (who at this point i woundnt be suprised if his name was cousin)


You are haggling over the cost of some goods (I will generate the trade tonight after work) when you spot Ripley’s nephew at a table not to far from you, he appears to be playing cards…
BTW his name is Sebastian.


“snow the cousin is playing cards, again. does this moron ever stop.” roger says to snow who is on the other end of the comm’s “how do you want to play it yardley, do we hang around and wait for the moron to do something else or do we just nab him and get the info out of him that way?”


Yardley replies “Well i would say nab him – just cross your fingers he doesn’t have friends here to help him, maybe we just watch a bit more see if he is on a roll or on the down”


“well by the looks of things thats the fourth drink he’s had” roger says indicating the empty glasses beside Sebastian’s pile of chips "he will need to go to the restroom soon, and from the looks of this place the emergency exits are right next to the restrooms. i say we wait for him to go to the loo then you and jefferson go to the gcarrier and bring it around and ill nab him. then we take him somewhere we can question him, without showing our faces or letting him know who we are of course. if he talks then good if not we dump him somewhere and then follow him to ripley. sound good?


Jefferson nods then smiles evilly, “Hey we still got those EV suits in the GCarrier, we should suit up nab him and then drive into the middle of the desert and start opening the cargo doors – we will be allright for a few minutes but he wont be should loosen his tongue a mite” Yardley raises an eyebrow at the comment, but you cant miss the slight grin forming in the corner of his mouth “Im not really oft to unnecessary violence, but we’ve been chasing these crims for months now it would be nice to tie things up and start thinking about heading home – so if means fit”


Snow who has been monitoring comms speaks up and adds, “Sebastian knows me, though not what I do it might be possible we could play the angle that im looking to buy in with his uncle, hence the work I put in over the last months I could tell him im pissed of that he left me on the hive world and that he should organise a meeting for me with his uncle. You guys can remain anonymous in the suits and he will only see me on the screen of the GCARRIER, if he bites the only worry we have is changing the transponder of the Gavel so she dont register as CorSerc.” She pauses and adds “it might work”.


“sounds like it would work. lets get started, jefferson you go get the gcarrier, yardley can you go with him to prep the suits.” roger stands and waits for his moment. eventually Sebastian heads to the toilet. roger follows him and when he steps into the toilet roger sleeperholds him from behind.
Roll: 2d6
10 = 5[d6]+5[d6] +1 (for brawling


Sebastian’s roll to observe you watching him
Roll: 2d6
7 = 5[d6]2[d6]
Sebastian’s roll to escape the grapple
Roll: 2d6
9 = 5[d6]
Fails – just your strength saves you here
Sebastian’s roll to fight off unconsciousness
Roll: 2d6
6 = 2[d6]+4[d6]

You now have an unconscious Sebastian in your arms in a starport toilet! explain that Roger the cabin boy???

can I have a Strength roll please to carry him out
can I please have a Roll to see if any one encounters you while trying to remove him

great work!!! hahahaha


“hmm yardley hows your end going?” roger says over comms as he lifts sebastian onto his shoulder.
Roll: 2d6 strength
7 = 1[d6]6[d6] +3 (i think thats right?
Roll: 2d6
11 = 5[d6]
6[d6] run into someone


OOC thats correct a roll of 7 plus your 3 from stat for a whopping 10!!!

You have managed to heave Sebastian over your shoulder when Yardley replies “We are all ready Rog, do you need a hand?”
you are about to answer when a port security guard walks into the room!


roger nonchalantly nods to the security guard and says “found him passed out, head inside a toilet bowl. looks like he couldnt handle his liquor, i was just about to move him outside and give his the old slap to the face wake up. would you mind helping me with him he is a little heavy.” roger is more than glad that his face is covered, continues “in case your wondering who i am, im his bodyguard he told me to piss off while he was playing cards. when i got back the table told me he had headed off to the john ten minutes ago. i got here and found him like this. so will you help me out?”


Roll: 2d6
7 = 6[d6]+1[d6]
The security Guard seems to believe you he helps you out the back, into a subterrainian alleyway, he dumps Sebastion down on the ground and says “Dont come back till he is sober! we dont need your kind of trouble here!” with that he turns and slams the door closed, you also hear the bolt slide over. there are alley’s running all around this place, it is a warren. You have a rough idea, by your calculations you are directly under the starport, however you see no passage or hatches going up. Trying your comms you are dismayed to find them not working, looking at the menu you see you have no signal just static – its possible all this mineral glass is interfering with your signal.


“hmmm let me see” lowering his goggles roger presses the switch for infrared (i think i said that they had that when i was describing them) and searches for any other heat signatures around. he also checks for a breeze and any other people. he hauls sebastian onto one shoulder and has his gauss pistol in the other hand.


So Rog flicks over to IR and immediately sees a heat spike but only a few feet away, your excitement is short lived however when you goance around and see there are similar heat spikes every 20 or so meters, as to the breeze it is hot down here! You are sure the re-cycs and A/C’s are working fine but it is hot and uncomfortable you do detect a slight breeze however it could be due to the numerous exhaust ports that dump into this alley. I am going to say you have no light source other than from signage and lights down here, and as such it is dim and you cant effectively see more than around 3 metres from you.


“hmmm” roger looks around some more to find the widest path. finding a direction roger begins to move forward. gun readied and still in IR.


Okay All of these corridors/alleyways/paths seem to be quite uniform – probably due to the fact they were las-cut from the glassrock this planet is composed of, however you do seem to find an alley that is devoid of the regular detritus of disuse. You folow the cleaner of the paths in a direction you think might be correct you travel for about 100mtrs and you come to a door. The door is an ages old hatchway style fitting, with a bulkhead surround and a simple wheel lock/unlock mechanism (like what would be on submarines or early space vessels), you give the wheel a small turn it appears to be unlocked and free to move.
Roll: 2d6
9 = 6[d6]+3[d6]
Sebastion starts to stir.


roger looks around and heads through the door. he does a quick check behind it and then heads back for sebastian


You put Sebastian down and turn the wheel on the door it opens, and reveals a continuing corridor, which apears to go on for another 100mtrs until another door, your IR does pick up a considerable heat register around the door, however it is closed and you can gain no further clues as to what it leads to. Stepping back inside to where Sebastian is
Roll: 2d6
8 = 5[d6]+3[d6]
Sebastian has come to his senses and is starting to rise to his feet!


Roger sighs and punches sebastian with his left (metal arm) while casually pointing the gauss pistol at him. “so the clown prince of fails is awake. this is how its going to go first im bigger and better at fighting than you, so if you try to jump me i will break one of your fingers as punishment, on top of any brusises that i give you during the scuffle. you try to run i can see quite clearly in this gloom you cant. i will track you down and break a finger. you give me issues and you probably wont play cards again understand.” roger hauls him up by the scruff of his shirt “now i want you to take off all your clothes but your underware. this is so i know that you dont have a gun or knife that your going to spring on me when my back is turned. once your done, stand with your arms spread and hands open like your doing a star jump. then after i have inspected you stand with your face against that wall while i check your pants. once i have finished you can have them back. do you understand!” rogers voice is filled with cold menace
rolls for punching i think
Roll: 2d6
8 = 4[d6]+4[d6] +1, (do i get strenght bonus on this too?)


OOC yes Stat and Skill

“Woo man i aint that kind of guy! but if your looking for that type of action i can put you in contact with the right people” Sebastian says – he continues “Like what have i done to you? – did i beat you at cards? – did i take your money for a ship repayment? look what ever you think i owe you, let me go and and i will refund you at 10%. Im no fighter you will find no weapons on me Im not a brutal man” you search him and his clothing and he is correct he has no weapons and without cloths he is a very scrawny man – and the look of disbelief on his face is quite profound he really does not have a clue what is happening here.


“first and last warning, talk again without my permission and i break a finger. be glad i dont want to carry you otherwise i would break both knee caps now to stop you running. however you are about four weight classes under me so i will just settle for making you suffer if you cross me.” roger shoves him forward past the door. “walk. as for who i am that’s not important. i work for someone who wanted to make your cousins acquaintance. she was rather upset when you left so suddenly and what upsets my lady i dont tend to let live long so count yourself lucky. regardless of how i feel about you my lady has decided that you get to live. if you provide her with the answers to whatever questions she asks. otherwise i get to be … inventive.”


“Cousin i have no cousin???” Sebastian looks bewildered – he glances at you trying to work out wether you are going to strike him “Honestly i dont, maybe your Lady is mistaken – fair cop im happy to pay you any expenses for the misunderstanding, if you let me go” you push him through the door and down the corridor, your IR is certainly picking up a heat source beyond the door. you also note that it seems to be getting hotter wherever this access tunnel leads to is its only destination as there are no other branches off of this tunnel. Lighting is still the same as before and there are still all the regular vents and cooling systems, just its getting warmer.


“first she told me to fetch you i fetch you thats all i need to know. second” roger reaches forward grabs sebastians wrist and with his metal hand effortlessly breaks his pinky. “i dont make idle threats until i tell you to say something else keep your mouth shut.” roger keeps moving after his display of power. checking the next door and opening and continuing as before.
Roll: 2d6
11 = 5[d6]+6[d6] +3 (woo 14)
for imobilizing him long enough to break his finger
good lord this is great.


Sebastian winces in pain but says nothing, if you had any empathy you would recognise the boy has no clue what is happening here. You try the door, the wheel turns and she is not locked, you continue opening it paying attention to Sebastian and making sure he doesn’t run! The next thing you see as you lurch the heavy door open is a look of total horror on Sebastian’s face, followed a split second later by the brightest blinding light Roll please (you are wearing your IR)
again a split second later you feel as if you are being burnt alive and sandblasted at the same time, the pain is intense, and it is by fortune that you were concerned with Sebastian and not looking out the door!
Roll: 3d6
15 = 5[d6]6[d6]4[d6]
Sebastian takes 15 pts damage from the intense heat and scaring sand off the Serevoic surface
he has light clothing on and this offers him little protection – he is dying quickly
Roll: 3d6
12 = 6[d6]5[d6]1[d6]
You take 12 pts of damage from the surface conditions
likewise you are not wearing your Vacc suit yet, so im assuming you are in civies
again lucky you weren’t facing the blast as you would of kissed those eyes goodbye.
Roll to shut the door, you are facing considerable pressure, difference in atmosphere etc
also in the back off your head you can here an alarm going off, you realise you neglected to shut the previous door behind you and the immediate area is now exposed though to a lesser degree.
Nice Work!!!


Good News though you now have a open comms channel!!! you hear that beeping several missed messages.


(roger is wearing his ballistic armor as usual. i described it to you before.)
“grrrr” roger lets out a roar of rage as he is ripped into by the oppressive atmosphere stepping forward he catches the door and attempts to force it shut
Roll: 2d6 blinded
7 = 3[d6]4[d6] +3(for my endurance)
Roll: 2d6 door
9 = 6[d6]
3[d6] +3 (strength)
well played sir well played.


OOC chris roger was pretending to be a bodyguard so aside from his autorifle he is in full combat attire. this includes a combat medkit. always of use to a torturer on the go :)


OOC (again) as to why roger is laying on the pain against sebastian the more off balance confused and worried he his the more we will get out of him. also the longer he is forced to keep quiet the more likely he will want to speak when he is allowed.
when you dont understand others instinctively you have to work to understand them. this can suck in the real world but gives me a wealth of hard lessons learned to draw on while roleplaying.


Elsewhere on Serevoic…

“What the fu… Jefferson, Yardley he’s outside the starport in the open!!! Get this can moving quickly here are his coordinates” Snow shouts out from the comms seat of the GCARRIER. Jefferson cranks her into reverse and plots the course “What is he doing outside?” Jefferson asks. “Fucked if I know im not his keep… his signals gone hurry Jefferson he could be dead” Yardley is to busy to comment as he is hurriedly getting a vacc suit on.

OOC the first roll (blinding) should be dex as it is to shut your eyes!

As you manage to shut the door you get a relayed pain in your shoulder, you try to move your arm but the feedback is to painful it is probable that you have got a considerable quantity of volcanic sand into the servos and joints. You go to call Snow on the comms but it is dead again – must be the shielding in these tunnels (you remember Snow mentioning the electrical effects of the raging sand storms plaguing this planet.) You look to Sebastian he is close to death, he holds out his scorched and abrazed hand and mutters through his cracked and bleeding lipd “wwwaatteerr”


“well i really hope you don’t die” roger kneels down and begins to apply as much aid as possible. as he works he begins to talk to Sebastian “listen i am sorry about all this you see i was tasked with hunting down a particularly annoying person by the name of Balthazar Ripley. i got a message from my lady saying that she knew where he was. she said that he was your cousin and that you were heading back to him for more money to feed your gambling addiction. so we followed you and used this opportunity to grab you to find out where he was. except he isn’t you cousin is he?” roger sighs apparently oblivious to the abrasions covering his own skin as he works
dex modifier is the same as my end modifier
Roll: 2d6
12 = 6[d6]+6[d6] medical (using lots of bandages treated for burns and other skin injuries and a shot of battlefield painkillers, probably wont keep him alive indefinably but it would stop him from dying and in his condition he isn’t going to move much and so isn’t going to open his wounds. just thought i would explain the way i would treat it.)


when he is done he will do some aid on himself and check his messages
Roll: 2d6
9 = 6[d6]+3[d6]


also he moves both himself and sebastian into the previous room and closes the door (forgot to mention this before)


“Rrrr ripley, hhee heeess mmmmm my uncle” Sebastian pushes out from between burnt lips, “Hhheee ssent word ffffor mmmee tto meet hhim at hhome onnnn… oonnn… Kav Kav K____” with that Sebastian passes to the next world. you now become aware of the alarms going off and you can here movement from the corridor, when there is a bang behind you, the wheel of the door turns, and the hatch begins to open. Standing before you is a figure dressed in a Vacc Suit, in one hand he is carrying a bag in the other a Gauss pistol. Over the suit speakers comes “Rog get off your ass, here put this on” Its Yardley he throws you the bag, inside is your Vacc suit “Hurry up boy, sounds like you have company coming, now drag that piece of shit with us we can make it look like an accident or suicide” you move down the corridor carrying Sebastian’s body and dumping it just inside the outer door, Yardley motions for you to leave the door open. You both then step out in to the Serevoic wilderness! your comms fire up again and you now have contact, which is fine because Yardley "yells through the comms “F%$#ing hurry up these suits wont last long and the just the start of our problems”


“working with one arm yardley.” roger says as he moves towards the gcarrier getting in the rear hatch and closing it. “everyone aboard? good let get the fuck off this world.” roger sighs and winces “get back to the ship as fast as possible i know the end destination.”


Snow is on the monitor “Did yu get him? Is he okay?” She must see you via the feed “Rog your okay” the screen and audio start to crackle "Jeffe…. probl…. storm… interf… GCarr…. estimate 90m…. condition crit…. " the screen and audio go blank with just static coming through.


“do we continue to the ship or find somewhere to wait it out. its getting pretty bad out there.” roger grabs his med kit and makes a sling for his immobilized arm. "where in your hands now jefferson


“do we continue to the ship or find somewhere to wait it out. its getting pretty bad out there.” roger grabs his med kit and makes a sling for his immobilized arm. "where in your hands now jefferson "


Jefferson adds “they have closed the storm doors on the port facility, we are going to have to try outrun this storm, I need you to keep trying Snow on the comms she will nee to have the Gavel ready! This could be a rough ride”. All of a sudden the inside of the cabin is bathed in red warning lights Yardley flicks a console on “We are taking continual damage from this storm computer estimates 90 to 100 minutes left till complete systems failure” with another light flashes a secong later the cabin is starting to fill with dust “we have just lost enviro seals Jefferson get us moving quickly before we get worn away to dust”.


roger quickly records a message for snow and quickly encodes it into family comm pulse. (a type of high content broadcast designed to get lots of information to someone else within seconds. for a simple text message the broadcast time would be less than a milisecond.) basically the message reads start warming up the ship immediatly. roger also sets the unencoded version to send as well. both of these are on a contiuing cycling broadcast every second both are sent automaticly. “jefferson i recommended you because you are a damb good driver. show us how good.”


Your cyber arm took the majority of the blast, the meds you injected from your med kit are not keeping on top of the pain – the feedback is now starting to give you an extreme headache you are in bad shape. Yardley looks over at you and asks “are you alright Rog?” Your ablative combat armour has sustained some damage, and alll the fabric on you is almost gone and any exposed skin has blistered. You feel like your about to pass out from the pain and the headache, when a cool glow radiates from your chest it slowly seems to spread out along your body- you slip into a dream like sleep.


OOC is roger in a dream world or just unconscious?


You are in a deep comfortable sleep, you imagine yourself floating in a cool invigorating pool of water OOC it is up to you as to whether you are in a dream or unconscious

You awake some time later, at first the scene is hazy the people around you are a blur. you regain focus and see Snow bending over you, you try to move and she puts a hand on you and shakes her head “No” she whispers. You look around you are in the Med bay on the Gavel on the next bed you see Jefferson he looks burnt and scratched, you glance over and see Yardley he too is burnt and scratched but not as bad they look over when they realize you are back Jefferson mumbles “What a ride” Yardley smiles “The GCarrier is toast, almost worn away – but we made it!”

After a few days of rest you are all up and about in that time Snow has explained that several servo’s and relays in your arm were fried, and that she has had to power down some of its components
OOC for the time being your STR is reduced you currently have no STR modifier.
She explains you will regain full use when you are able to return to the cradle/ or find another cyber clinic. As Yardley and Jefferson have said the GCarrier was totaled and is a wreck however you can request a replacement when next you visit a CorSerc facility.
Snow also notes you have a peculiar accelerated healing rate.
You are still currently on Serevoic awaiting the crew to heal up, at lunch one day they ask you “So where are we heading?”


“well the last words out of the ‘nephew’” roger says puting stress on the word “was kav, so i would say kavliny. i feel kind of bad about his death though, he had no idea what he was stumbling into with his uncle. how long till we make it there. also snow how bad is my armor damaged. i had to leave the plate in my room so it should be fine but how is the trench?” roger sighs and continues “that bastard ripley is going to swing for this if he doesnt finally catch the bullet destined for him. a bullet i intend to be carrying.” roger smiles “after we recover the plans of course. if he proves reluctant on that front im sure i can convince him.”


“We should hit Kavliny in around 3 weeks time” Yardley answers, “though without the carrier we are on foot”


“lets go then, ste sooner we get there the sooner where done. i thought we still had a gravsled?”


“We do have one, however with yourself, Snow, Jefferson, and myself plus bringing back Ripley we would need another” Yardley replies “we could try and buy another, but we would need to dump the GCARRIER here – I was hoping we could salvage something from it” Jefferson adds “the gravsled is a good option just remember we are going to a very low tech world chances are they have never seen one before and as the nephew never gave you coordinates we would probably raise attention flying around looking for him – may play our hand and Ripley may flee” Even Snow nods in agreement “we have done all this work, hate to spoil it buy zipping around and spoiling the suprise!” So how do you want to play it? Kevliny is a medieval world the chances of meeting fellow travellers is slim to none at best.


“well the way i see it ripley should stand out because of this. all we have to do is show up and ask the locals for there location. if ripley is lording it over them like we think then everyone will know where they are. also cant we make a insertion from space with the GravSled, so we can keep the gavel on station above to stop him running?” roger sighs and winces. “best get underway soon we can work out the rest on the way there. keep the GCarrier we will probably need the parts where we are going.” with that roger leaves to prepare to get underway.


“Normally that would be right however we only have one servicable vacc suit left the others were damaged saving you from the storm” Yardley says “unless you fancy patching them up and throwing it to fate”
OOC Grav sleds are exactly that an open topped open cab utility vehicle (thnk grav jeep with two eats an a small tray)
Jefferson adds “we can always drop into atmo and drop out the back of the Gavel on sleds – we should dump the carrier and get another sled, we maybe lucky and find suits but that would be pushing it time wise”
OOC I will look tonight and see what trade goods are available.


“good point i will leave it to you” roger finishes the conversation no longer in the mood for conversation. retiring to his room he meditates again in order to clear his mind of the lingering pain.


After some discreet enquiries from Jefferson, and some more regular enquiries from Callaghan around the star port you manage to find the following items for offer

Vacc Suit TL10 - 10 7,500 Total: 2 average 1 very_good 1 Sundry Item
Vacc Suit TL8 - 8 5,000 Total: 3 average 1 very_good 1 excellent 1 Sundry Item
Air Raft - 8 359,116 Total: 16 poor 3 average 10 very_good 2 excellent 1 Transport
GCarrier anti grav - 8 500,000 Total: 3 poor 2 average 1 Transport

Yardley is impressed by the hawl, you all gather around the table to sit and decide your course of action


“i say we grab some vac suits and air raft down with what we have. cheepest option and with the gavel in orbit we will have plenty of time to deal with anything that he throws our way. not only that but chances are he wont know we are there if we do it quietly. chances are that he wont have anything better than the gavel anyway.” roger frowns “how many men do you think he has with him. also how effective would the gavel’s guns be against ground targets do you think, because i just got an idea. see we find his ship when we get there, park the gavel in orbit directly above it, tell him to surrender. if he does then we go down and grab him, if he tries to run we punch holes in his ship till he does surrender.”


OOC although there is no official “Prime Directive” in traveller it is a given that folk dont drop in on the Lt worlds waving lasers and power suits. It would not be outside the realms of reality that such behavior would come to the attention of the system/subsector government (also it is common for such worlds to have scout bases) and normal sanctions may be applied to those that break these given understandings. That being saud your plan with the airraft is fine and as you are on contract to secure a target any accidental native exposure is acceptable – to a point!.

The Gavel takes of from Serevoic after you have purchased your required equipment your 3 week journey goes without hitch and you find yourself approaching Kavliny the first thing you notice on approach is that the entire system is dead, no traffic no communications – just static . You draw closer to the planet and the situation is dead as well, you detect no satellites or beacons you dont even detect a transpinder of any kind from orbit if Ripley does have a ship down there she is cold and totalling powered down. This is a double edged sword he wont be able to bolt as it will take several minutes for him to power up his systems and spin his drives, on the down it will be hard to locate him, and there maybe a fair bit of ground to treck before we locate him.


On the Way too kavliny roger approaches both callaghan and yardley Seperatly and asks them what they think of the Family. Apon arrival at kavliny he asks " who is going down and who is staying?"


“Family – not sure what you mean Rog, are you talking about hearth and home, or something different?”
Yardley and Callaghan are staying on station 2 people are needed to operate The Gavel, so going down on the air rafts are Jefferson, Snow , and Yourself.
preliminary sensors have indicated several major centers of population – at this time though just as before there is no energy readings.


“The Family, the interplanetary criminal organization. Anyway where do you think we should start. Do we go to a population center or the edges. Also what language do they speak down there?” roger smiles and continues. “can someone give me a ride I can’t exactly drive in my current condition.”


“Oh that family” they reply, “Dont really have an opinion, dont have a stance, we dont touch them they dont touch us”

OOC you find you have healed to a condition that you are able to function normally (apart from the arm)

Snow says “we should probably start looking somewhere close to a city, bt not out in the rural areas”


OOC I thought that it would take both hands to drive a gravsled?
“hmmm” roger inspects the globe. “what about here? It’s more isolated than the rest of the major cities. Also does this system have a scout base? Could we ask them if they have seen them?”
OOC I would check the info you sent me but my comp crapped out on me today. Sending this from my IPad.


OOC your hand/arm works im just imposing a base str bonus (0) as opposed to your normal (3)
Carriers do need two hands
I will pull records in the morning, as im on the cell myself.

Yardley looks over your plan, “a minor not so bug city, as good a place than any – shouldnt be hard to get some local cloths asap”. You are approaching the drop height Callaghan buzzes through to the bridge “I have the cargo bay ready to de-atmo all seals are check, systems re-routed to remote, if the travellers would be so kind as to suit up I will meet you in cargo shortly”
With that the 3 off you get your vacc suits on and make yourway to cargo Callaghan has prepared the rafts and run through a few basics, you notice he has welded four shackles to the raft Jefferson is piloting “if Rupkey is not being helpful” Callaghan smiles. A few minutes later you are in the sealed cargo hold, Callaghan has the remote in another room over the open commms he sks “ready”. The doors open and the air rushes out you now start to feel zero g as the rafts glide out of the Gavel’s cargo hatch.


“let’s get down there then” roger says over the comm. he activates the coordinates he imputed earlier and says " hold on tight" as they shoot off towards the planets surface
OOC I assume there is a role for this butthe iPad wont let me copy the role
Should I just put down what i rolled or do you want to do it instead


OOC I have that problem too on my galaxy s thingy, so no probs just write in what you roll
Also what is the status of your interested friend?

Yes please a roll would be required.


OOC ok then I rolled a nine
As for the friend I told him to create a account on obsidian and contact you but I don’t think he did it yet I will speak to him about it Sunday.


Your Raft hovers for a second then slowly at first starts to move towards the bay doors, a few seconds later you are in the darkness of space. It is an eerie feeling flying through space in a sealed suit on the back of a powered sled, it is as much work keeping your body parts from floating as it is to steer and control the thing, Snow who is beside you is silent and the look on her face is somewhere between wonder and horror – Jefferson on the other hand seems to be taking quite well and he seems to enjoying the ride as you can hear his personal music device playing over the comms, if only it wasn’t that country music from Audl Lota it might be okay.
Your basic flight systems alerts you to your descent, and prompts you to change your angle for atmo entry, this all goes reasonably quick for it is not to long and your body again feels the oppressive yoke of gravity once again drawing you towards the surface. Snow looks at you and speaks over the intercom “Well according to the data on screen no one has officially charted this world, so i guess we may well be one of the first to explore it”.
She shows you the information on the small basic screen of the raft, the overlay shows you are several hundred kilometres from the designated touchdown point and as you approach you cross the terminator into night “Ah a bonus” you think. You quickly run through a landing pre-check all systems good to go, you give a glance behind you and Jefferson is on your tail and sensors check out he is doing the same. From this height you can see a city in the distance (63km according to schematics) and as you drop lower you see a small settlement about 5 clicks from your landing zone. You are now descending through some tree cover
Roll Please
you then circle a small isolated clearing and prepare to land
Roll Please


11 then 6
Roger says to snow “hang on this might be a bumpy landing”


You weave in and out amongst the trees successfully, however when you approach the ground you find your speed to great, you attempt to pull up but you skid to a halt. Hitting the emergency shut down the grav drives whine to a halt, Snow hops off immediately, and hops straight under the raft you hear her curse from below “well Rog you did a good job on it! your lucky i can fix it – though it will take a while, and you WILL be helping me”. By this time Jefferson has landed and is moving towards you, and you can hear him jibbing you. But you are all down and safe and between the 3 of you you should have your air raft fixed.


OOC glad I avoided the scout trooper on yavin problem , you know crashing into a tree, or getting killed by ewoks. Mostly trees though.
Roger smiles “what ever you need snow. Now how do we get started, both with the repairs and finding ripely.”


OOC sorry the forest moon of endor got my planets mixed up.


It was just past dusk when you landed, and the three of you work through the night to fix the damaged raft, finally around 1am you manage to get it finished it does not look pretty but it works, you need to decide whether you camp down here for the night or whether you make your way to the settlement?


“well its getting late everyone should get some rest. I’ll take first watch, then snow, then Jefferson. 2 hours each no more no less understand.” roger smiles in the darkness as they unpack their sleeping gear and settles deep into the shadow of a nearby tree to watch.


You all wake up fresh and feeling fine, the sun is shining, a cool breeze is blowing and the air smells sweet with blossom – after months of re-cyc it is a joy to be planet side.
you crack open the rations and prepare some breakfast, now if you can find somewhere that you can get real food!
you finish your meal and are packing up when…

Roll please.


You hear a strange noise, it is unlike anything you have heard before. You all go quiet and sneak towards it, you observe three individuals riding what can only be described as giant toads.
Of the three individuals two seem similarly dressed, with long tabards, belts, and felt hats. The other one seems to be dressed in better quality clothing, he wears brighter clothing with a belt studded with gems, and around his neck is a chain from which hangs a symbol.

Intermittent Herbivore – woods walker – Str 10 – Dex 13 – End 10 – Int 1 – Instinct 8 – Pack 2D6
Athletics (End)-2, Melee (Thrasher)-1, Recon-1
Thrasher 2d6, Scale Skin 3, #encountered 2D6
The Wooded Barkback, or Barkbacks" as they are more commonly called are a native toad like reptile found in the tempurate zones of Kavliny. The species grows to over 200kgs and they are often encountered as riding beasts or beasts of burden. They are the preferred mount of the population of the planet, and like most reptiles they spwan in the 1000’s and they also can see into the infrared.

The 3 travellers have not yet seen you and continue their slow hop through the wooded area you are in.


“hmm. I wonder what they are doing out here. The one in the middle looks important” roger says in a wisper as he motions the others to get down and keep quiet. “the way I see it we have three options worth considering 1 we approach them and attempt to communicate, 2 we tail them to see what they are doing, 3 we let them go on their way and stick to the plan. I’m in favor of the second option but I want to see what you think.”


OOC I cant tell you what to do in this situation, you are on an alien planet with a totally different set of concepts to any other you have experienced. The advice that your companions give will be brief and you will need to decide yourself.


The three of you look at each other and all shrug, the blank “I have no idea what to do here” look is obvious. Snow likes the first idea, she replies “What have we to loose?”. you like the third idea and you think “If we can follow we might find some useful observations”. And finally Jefferson favours the third option and adds “We have fixed the raft we can go anywhere we like”

so there you have it 1 vote for each option, both Snow and Jefferson look to you as to a decision.


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