The Lost

That Call...
the one you didnt want

Youre sitting down at the Bar sharing way too many drinks with Tabert, one would almost think she was keeping score.
Your ships comms unit beeps, at first you dont hear or register it, but it keeps beeping.
you look down and see its Callaghan.
you answer
“Rog, best get to that hospital, your girlfriend has had a bad turn”

Lazuteson and down
R&R in port... yeah right!!!

The Gavel follows the Customs ship down to Lazuteson’s surface and Callaghan guides the ship on the dictated flight path and puts down on the pad next to the customs ship. After the few minutes it takes to shut down the Gavel you pop the hatch and exit the ship there waiting for you is the Customs crew. Both crews walk and meet each other in between the two ships, the Commander addresses you all “I have taken the liberty of calling ahead for transport, and we should expect a medical team to arrive shortly to take your injured crewman, and the deceased to a facility. Now records indicate you have berthed here before so I don’t need to remind you of the law and such stuff” as she finishes her sentence you see a couple of wheeled vehicles approaching, one is obviously marked as medical, the other appears to be a standard MPV with the customs blazon painted on its side. “Okay” she says “It looks like our lift is almost here”

A New Mission, A New Day
So Many Options...

(please refresh any spent Campaign points)

You find your confinement to ship a slightly uncomfortable affair on your trip home, and you do find yourself missing the clean air and open skies of Morvik’s homeworld! come to think of it you also miss Morvik, the new King has grown on you over these past few weeks and part of you wishes you had stayed on the planet and adventured with him. But reality kicks in you have plans to return, a stolen ship to return for, and this situation with your Grandfather has not sat well and your dreams are haunted by Ripley’s words… Did your Grandfather really order your death? Is he prepared to sacrifice you to better the family, and do you want to know? do you want to confront him?

All the Kings Men Pt II
The Final act...

You open your eyes and once you re-focus you see Snow, Morvik, Vorcum, and Trarvin standing over you they all are smiling “Outsider man spirit find to strong, maybe time next drink woman’s potion” Morvik says with a smile and offers you a hand back up. Snow smile and says “That was clever Rog – maybe you want to hold back a bit next time, i think i will stick to the wine from now on”
from the position of the moon and the size of the fire you estimate you were out for only a few seconds Morvik is still in his torn clothing covered in blood as are you and your blade is still wet and not sticky yet. Wow what a journey you think, what does it all mean? you wonder.

The Tranquil Warmth
The Spirit it awakens....

You are in awe and wonder, your senses tingle as your body feels refreshed in the warmth of the light. Again looking around you feel a cool breeze blowing onto you and it is then you see 3 figures moving towards you amongst the trees, closer they move at first they appear to be men but as they break the tree line and enter the clearing you can now see the are a bipedal frog humanoid they wear nothing but a loin cloth and all three carry ornate staffs though you sense the one in the middle is the leader. they continue approaching until only a few feet away then stop they all bow, you try to say something but no sound comes from your lips however they reply with words forming in your mind.
“Roger we have waited a long time for you to reach this place – we have watched your journey and seen your actions, some have been good others not so. now it is time to start a new journey and right some of your wrongs and to grow and discover the new, while reflecting the old” the three of them bow slightly and then continues “Now come with us Roger – take the first steps on this journey”.

All the Kings Men
The finale draws nigh...

You find yourself crouching in a wooded area on Kavliny, hiding from a small group of travellers that are passing your way. They ride large domesticated toads “Barkbacks” and it would seem obvious that the chap in the middle is of some importance as his two companions are dressed well below his level. Snow and Jefferson now look to you to make the decision as how to proceed, and at this point it is quiet possible you are the first off-worlders these fellows have been in proximity to…

The beginning of the End of the Road
when you run out of road....

You are approaching Serevoic, your sensors on passive when you notice that most of the larger freighters are carrying water you doubled check the results and yes water! Flipping over the system data it becomes clear Serevoic is a desert world – and you thought Audl Lota was dry…
Serevoic is an A Class planet, of average size and atmosphere she enjoys a slightly higher than average population, a lenient law level and a feudal technocracy ruled by the rich services and trade – a perfect world some would say apart from the total lack of water! It’s lucky that she is very rich in ore and materials otherwise no-one could afford a drink.
After viewing system details you flick through the other 2 choices Snow suggested, the next system inline is Reeto, a small world with a thin atmosphere 50% water a tiny population and no established law and government and a non stellar tech level.
Second on the list is Kavliny, this E Class system boasts a massive planet with a dense but healthy atmosphere it’s surface is almost covered in water with a small population in the tens of thousands and a medieval democracy – a very rustic and rural planet.
Snow also adds “You forgot Zonq” so you flick that file over Zonq is a very basic system rated only just at a D a large world with a tainted atmosphere at 90% water landmass is at a premium bandits tens of millions of citizen’s cram into large heavily populated cities reminiscent of 1800’s earth and a bureaucratic government rules through an average law level.

A distinctly wild district
on the sectors edge

You find yourselves descending through the clouds, the sun sparkling of the almost calm ocean off Verdunea. This is a pretty planet almost as if your god had taken a hand in it’s creation with love- if only this system was closer to the sector core it would be a goldmine for tourism. You are shaken out of your day dream by a shudder and slight lurching as Callaghan operates the skimming mechanisms “Captain your free to drop us down and scoop some water” Callaghan says, it seems Yardley was in similar dreams as it takes him a few seconds to register Callaghan’s report. He says to Callaghan “you really should consider moving up to the bridge more often – you miss so many beautiful sights, stuck down below.”
After taking your fill of water the Gavel takes some altitude and begins refining fuel from the water, you achieve orbit height and say goodbye to Verdunea next stop Lazuteson and hopefully Snow…

A Captured Government
The more they squeeze, the more slips through the fingers

You all have grown accustomed to the Gavel over the last 3 weeks, you are settled in your quarters, the bridge is all new and smells like “New Car” (a 21st cent reference), the mess is all white and clean – overall it is a really good ship and you haven’t discovered any faults to the build. On your approach to Tr’Darro you perform all your regular checks and scans, your are taken aback there is no ships registering in system, this is something you have not seen before – a system devoid of traffic!
You make your contact with the dock (it is planet-side so your going to land) and no reply is returned, you give each other a quizzical look “You need fuel, so you’re going to have to land”
once you close to intercept range your intercom crackles to life “This is Tr’Darro central, please state your intentions within this system?” the tone and manner of the message is very regimental and you are about to answer when the message repeats. Yardley opens the comms and states your intention to land and refuel, he is answered and you are given a flight path and a docking number. The Gavel proceeds along the specified route and enters the planets atmosphere, you descend to the appointed docking platform and on your approach you notice on your display that awaiting your arrival is an armoured squad and an armed GCarrier.
Yardley turns to you both and says “Well this looks like a warm welcome i don’t suppose either of you slept with the base commanders daughter and left without a kiss?”

Fly Me To The Stars
The Hunt Continues...

News of the Day
- Today The Dorubuni Executive issued orders that as of todays date CorSerc has been stripped off all contracts and responsibility for any Sector and SubSector business
- A spokesman for the Government further explained that due to recent failures and mis-management
their services will no longer be needed and that the process of change over has begun, with Official Sector and SubSector security officials taking over all outlets as soon as humanly possible.
- CorSerc issued a statement likewise, claiming that the riots, outbreaks, and damages were an orchestrated act that was unkown to its agencies until it was enacted on, however after pursuing the matter in the legal field they are forced to comply with Sector rulings
- This is not the end of CorSerc, they still have several large private contracts within the Sector, though this will effect thier profits in the short term the company foresee a path of reconstruction and intend to stay afloat.
- The Ironknight Goverment today also issued a statement regarding the on going murder investigation , confirming that Blaine Griggs (who is wanted for questioning) has still not turned up, and that in a show of solidarity and loyalty has now awarded the contract for his apprehension for questioning to CorSerc.
- CorSerc went on to make a statement that Mr Griggs was an associate of theirs and after enquiry have dispatched a vessel to his last known location.

Your ship docks with the orbital facility, and your crew is now eager to set sail for the next leg of your mission.
you are all busy preparing to make flight when a communication comes through the comms
“Captain Yardley and crew, you are ordered to stand down and await arrival of commanding officer”
followed shortly with “Please confirm”


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